Freshly Prepared Everyday
We bring in durians from Pahang 3 times a day to our stall where they’re freshly prepared.
Best Exclusive Prices Online
We have one of the most competitive pricing online, in the market and even with our stall.
Quality Durians Quaranteed
We will replace any delivered durians if they are not creamy and delicious.

Durians has and always will be a favourite fruit for most Singaporeans. These heavenly king of the fruits are a traditional delight to those who don’t find it in any way “smelly”. In fact, some might go as far as to consider this the true treasure of South East Asia.

As durian lovers ourselves, we’ve seen our the industry has evolved over the years. Especially as the internet is pushing more and more local sellers to adopt new methods of selling this delightful delicacy.

That’s why we’ve identified several local sellers and after interviewing their processes, rates and delivery systems, we’re proud to say that we’re working closely with a local favourite, Mr Durian.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and identified what sort of traits and attributes they would want from their seller. And using this same qualifying criteria, we put it to our list of possible vendors.

Here’s how we assessed them…

Values Our Customers Want

  • Fair pricing on all our durians and related products
  • Quality fruits that are thick and creamy
  • Vacuumed sealed containers for take-home orders
  • Timely delivery and ordering at the convenience of your home

We discovered that over the years, there are fewer of us possessing the old kampong skill of picking and choosing the best quality fruit out of the bunch. These days, we’re often at the “mercy” of the durian seller to select the best ones for us. Forget checking the stem, or shaking the husk, or some other fancy selection tricks, we just don’t have that know-how anymore.

Instead, what we want in a seller is someone who is trustworthy and honest in their business.

Someone who values their reputation and believes in customer satisfaction.

Especially since when it comes to durian delivery, it’s all online so there’s no way we are going to choose the fruit ourselves, it’s just not possible. That means we have to place our trust in the seller and reply on them to honour this transaction.

Given this constraint, we knew we had to go through the long and arduous process of making sure we have a respectable person our customers will be happy to support and buy their hearts fill.

And in return, we can help bring this stall owner owner and increase the brand’s reach and visibility in the digital space.

To this end, we created this ecommerce platform to make it easy for customers to continue buying all kinds and types of durians while they are in season. Or if you prefer, you can also place an order online and head down to our vendor’s store to either eat it there or collect it on your way back from the office or when you’re out on an errand.

This way, buying the beloved king of the fruit is much easier and way more convenient.

To get started, you can check out our durian menu here.

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