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Durian Season Promo – Mao Shan Wang

The amateurs hate it. But who cares, they aren’t durian lovers like us.

And when it comes to top grade durians, nothing beats the king. The musang king.

It’s creamy, rich, bitter and sweet flesh is the undisputed favourite among Singaporeans, both young and old and for all the good reasons.

It’s simply the best of both worlds!

After all, the Mao Shan Wang has the unique flavour profile of both bitter and sweet. Plus, as the last morsel of its delicious flesh lingers on the tip of your tongue, you get to experience that unique bittersweet aftertaste.

Just thinking about it makes our mouths water.

There’s only one thing that can make this king of the fruit even better…

Pahang’s MSW Durian Season

As you probably already know by now, the durians that we love come from West Malaysia.

But which part exactly?

There are 2 major durian fruiting seasons along Peninsular Malaysia which are affected by the monsoon. Durians on average need about 90-130 days to pollinate and produce a ripe crop for harvesting. To make things even more complicated, you need a 2-4 weeks of dry season for the flowers to produce a good crop.

Too much rain results in the trees bearing new leaves which means fewer flowers and fewer fruits.

Given the complex nature of this king of the fruit, West Malaysia has 3 main regions for durian planting, the most popular (and prosperous) of which is located in Pahang. The lack of pollution and the rich soil there produces the premium grade fruits we all have come to love.

So why is this important you may ask?

Because while the trees produces fruit throughout the year, as long as the conditions are right, during the durian season, we get our largest crop harvested.

Which means a much larger supply in the market.

Or in layman terms…

Mao Shan Wang at the cheapest price throughout the year!

Our Musang King Promo

Naturally, that means we get to provide you (our wonderful customers) with even more premium grade MSW at some of the best prices throughout this year.

Best of all…

As an icing on top the cake, we are even giving one box of 400g free with every 3 boxes of 650g purchased. And before you ask, it instantly qualifies for free delivery.

It’s the MSW durian bonanza you’ve been dreaming of.

So, order for yourself, or treat a fellow durian lover.

You could be having freshly prepared durians delivered to your home to enjoy with the family this entire month.

Either way, you definitely want to take full advantage of this promo before the season ends.

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